The Water Tower Sessions: Live at Studio Humbug

by Holly Kirby & The Great Outdoors

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The debut live album from Holly Kirby & The Great Outdoors.


released May 10, 2019


all rights reserved



Holly Kirby UK

Folk Pop fresh from the Isle of Wight.

Formed in 2018, Holly Kirby & The Great Outdoors were drawn together by a mutual passion for Celtic-infused folk and the reflective artistry of Sandy Denny, Suzanne Vega and Joni Mitchell.

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Track Name: Topsy Turvy World (Live)
Little Robin braver than the other birds
His life story told throughout a thousand words
But does he know the cracks are starting to show?

Nothing is quite what it seems
When you're upside-down
In a topsy turvy world
The answer is living in dreams
Down the path I made
When the shroud tore at the seams
It's me now
You'll see now
That I am not giving up
On me

Little Sparrow waves as if a human child
A tiny person almost with a human smile
And he's all good
If I could sing him like him then I would


Little girl sits tired on a single bed
Write a song to tell you what's inside her head
But does she know that she won't say it at all?

Track Name: Skeleton (Live)
I'm a rabbit in the headlights 
I'm lost without a cause 
I'm caught up in a landslide 
I'm living by my flaws 

You never really knew me 
I was lost in your lies 

I'm a skeleton in your closet 
Just an empty cage with no heart 
I don't trust myself 
I don't make a sound 
In case you come back round 
In case you come back round 

There's nothing left to feel now 
But shame by your deceit 
A bitterness for time lost 
A girl who lost her pride 

Why didn't I see through you? 
This invisible man... 


Who do I trust if I can't judge a joker or a king? 
Who do I trust if I can't judge a nightmare or a dream? 

I'm a skeleton in your closet 
Just an empty cage with no heart 

Track Name: Tea Leaves & Old Magazines (Live)
I guess I'd like to say something
That I haven't told you before
I think that there's something missing
There's something missing for sure
Like a tiny leaf ageing in autumn
Broken it falls to the floor
Frozen like me, failing to reach out anymore

And I tell you you won't find the answer
In tea leaves and old magazines
Or etched on the faces of actors
Living upon movie screens
And I know now life's what you make it
But making it's harder than this
Singing songs to your friends about where it went wrong
And how you can make up for it
And I simply don't know and I simply can't care
For I know that nothing is fair beyond private dreams

Seeking is harder than finding
But once you have found what you sought
You're left with a meaningless answer
You're finding your time has run short
Like the poetic soldier of England
Broken he fell to the floor
Leaving behind words set to reach out forevermore


Musical Break

Track Name: Honeymoon (Live)
You’re looking at me like there’s something that you wanna share
I’m doing something else and pretending that I couldn’t care less
We both know deep inside it’s something I already know
Why you’re telling me now’s beyond me when it started long ago

Well I guess this changes things
Cos I’m out and she’s in

I’ll pack my bags quite happily
But don’t come crawling back to me
When she knows it’s not just about your smile
When you’re good it’s a sunny day
When you’re bad it’s torrential rain
If you keep your love in bloom
Past the honeymoon

I was a fool to think that you’d ever wanna settle down
This beating heart and brand new love to bring you round
Your wandering eye has proven too hard to ignore
I may be hurting now but at least I know the score

I know it might sound harsh
But I hope she breaks your heart

Track Name: Warmer In May (Live)
Twisting in circles we can't seem to find our way home
Leading the high life we're blasting out nature's sweet tone
Spiralling skywards, the headlines are all that you seek
Proving you're better, informing the souls that you meet

The tiniest green in the greyest of towns is a gift
Shoots through the concrete like bullets of beauty and bliss
Clouds may cry rivers but they know their sorrow's in vain
Seasons may change dear, but humans are always the same

And I know it's not for me to say
But isn't it warmer in May?
The taurus moon glows
But the spring flowers know
They've got no permission to stay
Oh the course of the season was never at fault
Before we took clouds from the sky
And I guess I'd like to know why
Our sorrow's run dry

The purest of raindrops is racing us down from the sky
Caught in the sunlight he's lost but he doesn't know why
Whispering, listening, the leaves may not deafen our ears
But we might just see when the glorious green disappears

Take me to somewhere the notes are now ever as sweet
And breezes will carry the scents of the people you meet
Tainted and formed we will laugh, we will all cry as one
Beating as one heart, we wait 'til the damage is done

Track Name: Kiss Chase (Live)
Billy works hard at his day job
And sitting on the Northern Line
He’s thinking about everything they told him
And the way you live to get it right

Get a job, get on track
Get a house, get a cat
And fingers crossed it all ends well
Maybe give a thought to the thoughts in your head
Or forget about them if you can

Cos we’re all
Running in the same race
Living in the fast lane
Wishing we could slow it down
Cos I need more time
For the one on my mind
Gotta keep a cool, steady hand
Cos it’s a rat race, kiss chase
Putting on your bravest face life
Yeah it’s a rat race, kiss chase
Putting on your bravest face life

Anna’s waiting tables just to pay the rent
But she’s got a fire in her heart
Living like they did in 1970
She’s a hippy child down from Mars

But the dreams that she dreams
Are all torn at the seams
Cos the city isn’t on her side
And where do you turn when the things that you learn
Are the opposite of your desires

Track Name: Go Figure (Live)
Complex and kind with a beautiful heart
The words that he said of my soul
Say you're in love, but he scorned at the thought
And told me our feelings won't go
They won't go...
They won't go...
Well, the ugliest words are from guiltiest hearts
And I've nothing to feel guilty for
Go figure it out or I'll help if you shout
Just to clarify all of your thoughts
Do you judge all that you see
Based on opinion from somebody's grief?
Or do you hate just for the fact
You can't erase all the glory we had?
A fly in the ointment, a watcher from walls
A presence resented and damned
Lingering on in his heart and his words
The terrible brute that I am
That I am...
That I am...
You said to him he deserved better than me
So have fun with him filling my shoes
If your feet are as small as your mind it'll take a long time
Go figure it out.
Track Name: Queen of Hearts (Live)
The Queen of Hearts she played her part
And then she ran away
From castle walls and dungeons dark
The land in disarray

But she won’t shed a salty tear
For all the colours bleeding dry
She’s got plans to find a land
With greener grass and bluer skies

Does the sun shine brighter from the top of the hill
Or does the freezing breeze tend to give one a chill
Are you lonely up there on your golden throne
Or do you seek solace in the fact that you’re known
As the sweetheart Queen of Hearts

The clock it ticks as time goes on
The questions follow fast
The sun sets round the old oak tree
A temple build to last

But is your love half as strong
If you think the feeling’s gone
Do you give up without a thought
Of how you’ll face the exit door

Track Name: Gone For Good (Live)
You knocked on our old wooden door 
But you said that you couldn't come in 
Your eyes looked as dark as a hole in the night 
And your smile was wearing so thin 

You turned away from the door 
And I grabbed your arm in dismay 
You looked at me once, a sorrow inside 
Before moving further away 

And the tears rolling down 
I knew you had gone for good 
The choice is your own 
But we never thought you would 
Regret is for now 
But you've left us forever 
And reasons mean nothing to me 
Or you 

I'd ask myself 'why?' every day 
If I thought that you could reply 
Why didn't I see? 
Why couldn't you be the happiest man who's alive? 

The questions seem empty and cold 
Like the church on that warm summer day 
Your songs ringing out a message of hope 
The last thing you wanted to say 


And now it's nearly a year 
Since all we could see through were tears 
Of anger and pain 
Emotions in vain 
That all could be saved, were you here 


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